At the core of our groundbreaking boardroom simulator lies a diverse team of visionaries, technologists, and industry experts, each contributing their unique skills and insights to create a platform that redefines strategic planning and advisory services. Since coming together in 2023, our team is small but growing quickly! We're committed to building a solution that not only meets the current needs of businesses but also anticipates future trends in the intersection of AI capability and business strategy.

AI and Machine Learning Engineering

Our team of engineers works tirelessly to integrate the latest in AI and machine learning, ensuring our boardroom simulator reflects the latest and greatest that this breakthrough field has to offer.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

Our UX/UI designers are dedicated to creating an engaging and intuitive platform. Their work is crucial in making complex strategic concepts accessible, ensuring that any user can leverage the full potential of our simulator without a steep learning curve.

Software Development

The robustness and reliability of our platform are testament to our skilled software developers. Their expertise in efficient, secure, and scalable code development ensures a positive experience, whether you’re engaging in an advisory session or reviewing analytics.

Strategic Advisory

Complementing our core team, we collaborate with a range of experienced business leaders, consultants, and strategists. Their real-world insights and strategic expertise inform the development of our platform, ensuring it remains impactful and cutting-edge.

Customer Success

Our customer success team is the bridge between our technology and our users. They are committed to providing support and guidance to ensure that everyone achieves amazing results.

United by a Common Goal

Our team is united by the goal of democratizing access to high-level business advisory services. Through our combined efforts, we strive to empower businesses of all sizes to make informed, strategic decisions that drive growth and success. As we continue to innovate and expand our platform, we remain dedicated to our mission of carrying the boardroom into the future with the power of AI.

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