Platform Features

Boardroom Interface

Dive into real-time, AI-powered discussions that deliver strategic insights tailored just for your business, anytime, anywhere.

Library of Meetings

Explore a growing selection of specialized meetings designed to keep your strategy sessions fresh and focused.

Customizable Board Members

Craft your ideal advisory board with options for industry expertise, diversity, and leadership traits that match your company’s ethos.

Meeting-to-Meeting Memory

Benefit from AI that learns from each session, offering increasingly personalized advice to drive your business forward.

Business Tools

Access essential tools for executive summaries, business plans, and financial projections, all designed to fuel your growth.

Periodic Business

Regular reviews ensure your strategies are aligned and your goals are met, fostering continuous improvement and accountability.

Action Items

Transform meeting outcomes into clear, trackable actions, ensuring follow-through on every critical decision.


Monitor your business’s pulse with dashboards that track performance metrics and meeting effectiveness, guiding data-driven decisions.

Transcripts and Summaries

Enjoy access to transcripts and summaries, keeping you aligned with past discussions and future strategies.

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Competitive Edge Through AI

In today's competitive landscape, small businesses and entrepreneurs often lack the resources and strategic insights available to larger companies, creating a significant gap in decision-making and strategic planning capabilities. Our AI-generated boardroom simulator fills this gap by providing top-tier strategic guidance that is personalized, empowering you to make informed decisions with the confidence once reserved for industry giants.

Cost-Effective Strategic Planning

A barrier to accessing top-tier business advice is cost. Traditional advisory boards and business consultants can be prohibitively expensive, making them out of reach for many small to medium-sized enterprises. BoardroomIQ changes this equation by offering a high-level advisory experience at a fraction of the price, enabling leaders to make smarter decisions within existing budgets.

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Pioneering Leadership: Introducing The World’s First 100% AI Advisory Board

With this groundbreaking initiative to guide our own leadership team at BoardroomIQ, we aim to redefine industry norms and enhance corporate governance through strategic innovation and AI expertise.

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    William P. Rosenfeld

    Serial Entrepreneur and
    Celebrity Investor

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    Anna M. Carraba

    Former CEO of Business
    Publishing Conglomerate

  • Play Video

    Anderson J. Murdock

    Entrepreneur and
    Operations Scaling Expert

  • Play Video

    Christine Rutherford, PhD

    Renowned Business and
    Leadership Coach

  • Play Video

    Carlton Melville III

    Private Equity Partner,
    Corporate Strategist

  • Play Video

    Gwendolyn Mamoto

    Former COO,
    SaaS Executive

  • 90%

    of advisory boards report providing a positive business impact.

  • 85%

    of owners have an optimistic mindset about the future when establishing an advisory board.

  • $40-70K

    For paid roles: Annual investment in monthly meetings with the chair and quarterly with the full board.

  • $20 Million

    Average size of a company with an advisory board.

SOURCE: Advisory Board Centre, 2023

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